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** All Dogs Need Some Training **
(And Their Owners, Too!)

So, why not enroll your pup in a class
to learn some basic training and good manners?

Please note that not all training facilities are the same.

Do your homework. Different trainers have different methods, objectives, personalities, styles and techniques, and you don’t always get what you pay for! If you find yourself unhappy with a class you’ve taken, or are currently taking, please don’t give up…for both your and your pup’s sake! Try a new trainer at another facility because dogs need an education and you want to succeed. (You don’t have a human baby and say “here’s the world… have at it!” You give them a good education, and our dogs need the same.) Your most reliable resource will be referrals from trusted friends and relatives who have already taken obedience training classes and had success with a specific trainer. My goal here at Brody’s is always personal attention, satisfaction, and success. I wish you the best, and very happy training!... Ann

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“Canine Good Citizen” certificates can be earned at Brody’s Boot Camp,
which when awarded will mean your dog is a welcomed and
respected member of the community having passed the CGC test and
met the necessary requirements for good citizenship.

And, your CGC certification can be added to your pup’s AKC title!
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Why Choose to Train at Brody's?

Small, semi-private classes allow for plenty of individual attention.
We hold classes September-June in a comfortable, heated/air conditioned classroom, and year-round for private sessions.
I truly care about your dog's welfare and building a stronger relationship between the two of you.
Brody's Boot Camp

My Philosophy

I believe in calm, but firm training, with your energy, body language, and tone of voice being your most useful tools.
Dogs NEED walks for exercise, for mental stimulation, to gather information, to practice social skills, as a potty break, and because it’s a primal need. You MUST walk your dog at least once each day.
I totally believe in the concept of “exercise first, discipline second, and affection last” as the way to a confident, happy and mentally healthy dog.
There are many different types of training equipment and tools available to train your dog. You should use what works best for both of you without causing discomfort to either of you.
I absolutely feel that you should not give your dog a command unless you plan to follow through without hesitation or negotiation.
Training is a process. You need to be the leader for your dog through patience, respect, and most importantly CONSISTENCY.
I am an Obedience Instructor and must stress NOT a Behaviorist. I may be able to help or give you suggestions for minor behavioral problems, but not with major issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, or extreme fear. I will refer you to someone else or try to get answers for you if your dog has these types of issues.

The Dog Whisperer - Cesar Millan

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