Brody's Boot Camp


"The class was exactly what we were looking for to give us a good, solid basis for learning how to work with our dog and continue her training. A simple, positive, and very effective process! Our dog genuinely looked forward to coming to class!"
- George Abbott, 7/19
"We feel this training was extremely valuable for Luna, was run well, and that Ann Marshall is an experienced professional, and truly compassionate. Any dog would be fortunate to go through this valuable, life-saving course and grow even closer to their owner."
- Joanna & Cal Adams, 12/22
"Ann is an incredible instructor! She is patient, yet pushes you and your dog. I loved the fact that her dog, Tasha, was the class assistant. It helped my dog seeing another dog in class following commands successfully."
- Melissa Aubin, 12/16
"My dog, Lachlan, started our six-week course very shy and scared of everything. He has come a long way and with the instructions and handouts from Ann, I’m hopeful he will continue to improve. Thanks, Ann - - you were great!."
- Amy Baliva & Lachlan, 7/21
"I would recommend this class to anyone who needs training with their dog. My German Shepherd is now 10 months old and had no sense of listening. Just after six weeks in Brody’s Boot Camp, she is a completely different dog. Ann works great with both the handlers and the dogs. Anyone would benefit from this class."
- Vincent Barber, 2/19
“If you’re looking for a trainer that can give you the tools you need to create a lifelong bond and partnership with your dog, look no further than Brody’s Boot Camp. Ann is simply amazing and is truly passionate about her work and helping her human students become better trainers, and helping her canine students to become all around “good dogs”. I highly recommend Ann and Brody’s Boot Camp for your dog training needs.”
- Lynnsie Bennett, 5/19
"This class takes the puppy stage from what can be somewhat frustrating, to enjoyable. I learned to bond and play and love our Maizie because we made our relationship easier by respecting each other. She loves me more because Ann made me a better 'parent'!"
- Cindee Booth, 3/16
"Brody’s Boot Camp gets a 10! Ann is a seasoned professional who cares about her clients. She helped us so much with specific problems and challenges we faced with our new rescue puppy. She saved our lives and we are a happy, functioning family."
- Fay Botham & Tahlia Fischer, 5/18
"This was a great opportunity for Bailey and I to bond and to experience training together. The support and encouragement kept us both motivated. We look forward to continuing the training journey together. Thank you, Ann and classmates, for being patient and understanding."
- Janet Clendenen, 3/16
"Had a great time with everyone. Ann was great! Nice, but firm when she had to be. I’ve noticed a great difference in my dog. Would highly recommend the class!"
- Chad Colacino, 7/21
“Ann has the ability to know the needs of each dog/owner team and to address the best way to meet those challenges. Her love for each dog is evident in her classes, and they love her back. Our dog was too strong and stubborn to enjoy walking her prior to taking the class. Now we have wonderful , daily walks. Thank you, Ann, for teaching us and our pup how to be a good team.”
- Sue Connor,  5/17
“I really looked forward to my class every Thursday. It gave me time with my dog and to really focus on him and his obedience. Ann is very knowledgeable and passionate at what she does. My dog has really grown as far as behavior and obedience. I am very thankful!”
- Brooke Cool, 12/22
"We really loved taking our puppy to this class! He was able to interact with other dogs and learned so much throughout the six weeks. We will miss taking him every week! We highly recommend going to Ann. She is very knowledgeable and helped us so much."
- Joe D’Amico, 2/20
“If you do the ‘homework’ with your dog, you will not be disappointed.  Ann gives clear instruction and great feedback.  We look forward to attending the advanced class.”
- Peggy Davidson, 7/17
“We have now trained two dogs with Brody’s Boot Camp and should our future include additional dogs, we’ll be back again! We have continually received comments from friends and family praising us for how well behaved our girls are. I am able to walk them two at a time without any pulling or concerns that they might run after something they shouldn’t. We are even able to enjoy traveling with them. Ann’s class has given us the confidence to take both dogs into unknown situations and know that they’ll be just fine. A must-take class for any dog owner!”
- Jamie Davis, 5/23
"Bringing Zorro to Brody's Boot Camp was the best thing we have ever done!  We learned how to be better dog owners and our bond with Zorro is stronger than ever.  We truly enjoyed going every week and working with the other dogs and owners.  Thank you, Ann."
- Ariel Denny, 10/13
“Our experience with Brody’s Boot Camp was invaluable. Dante is a happy-go-lucky pup, but has a hard time containing all of his excitement. The class gave us the tools (it was mostly me as an owner that needed the confidence) to have a better bond and a better behaved pup. We will truly miss our weekly classes.”
- Danielle DiDuro, 4/17
“Having a dog that had many owners before me, I adopted him from a shelter.  I wanted to be his last home.  In six short weeks, I have a well behaved dog; a dog that looks to me for guidance.  We have learned life-saving commands that are priceless!  This obedience class is very rewarding for both owner and dog.  Working at a veterinarian hospital, I see so many dogs getting disciplined with no direction of what the owner wants.  I also see dogs going to a shelter or being euthanized because they are ‘naughty’.  When asked if they ever did dog obedience, the answer is almost always ‘no’.  Such a shame when in such a small amount of time you can have a well behaved and well mannered dog!  Thank you, Ann, for helping save the lives of these beautiful souls.  Souls that just needed direction and encouragement.  You are awesome!”
- Robin & Rocky Dietschler, 5/17
"Walter and I had a truly "transforming" experience during our six weeks of training at Brody's Boot Camp.  Ann's superior interpersonal skills allow her to personalize the lessons for each attendee.  She immediately "connects" with your dog and takes the extra time to customize the training to meet your needs for home life and schedules.  It didn't take long to realize that our dogs are all trainable… it is we humans who need to take the "lead" and do it!  During my training, Ann consistently provided clear instructions, guidance, and the motivation I needed to become a confident "dog Mom".  The result… Walter matured from an energetic, disobedient, and out of control puppy to an AKC Canine Good Citizen!  Best of all, during the process, Walter and I learned how to have fun together while growing in our bonds of respect and love!  Thank you, Ann!!!"
- Wendy Doyle, 10/13
“I enjoy going to class with my dog to learn tools to train my dog. I never felt like I was being criticized, only educated on the proper way of training. I was pleased to see the difference in Luna and would recommend anyone to take the class.”
- Nicole Eckert, 5/22"
“This class is so helpful. When you complete it, you will have all the tools you need to continue training. We would be lost without Ann! Thanks!”
- Stephania Ferrara, 3/23
“Not knowing what to expect, I registered Morgan for a class and we both learned more than I could have imagined. We both looked forward to class each week. Ann is a great instructor!”
- Karen Fitzgerald, 7/22
“It has been a long time since I had a puppy and needed some assistance with my very energetic and smart Standard Poodle before he ruled me.  Ann provided the professional and positive training to help me gain the upper hand with Murphy.  Every class was fun and we both learned to work together and form that special bond that only a pet and pet parent can have.  I would recommend Brody’s Boot Camp all the way!  Thank you, Ann.”
- Joyce French, 7/17
“I really enjoyed this bootcamp with my puppy, Barney. I wish I had known about her when I got my other two dogs. I would recommend you to anyone looking for training.”
- Debby Gandy, 3/23
“My young cocker spaniel, Tucker, and I just finished our 6-week course with Ann at Brody’s Boot Camp. It was enjoyable, worthwhile, and educational. Particularly given the recent pandemic, Tucker had not had many opportunities to interact with people outside the family and/or with other dogs. Training with three other dogs and their owners provided a great opportunity for socialization. Most importantly, I have learned how best to interact with Tucker and look forward to independently continuing our training. I would highly recommend this program.”
- Sheila Giovannini, 7/21
"After trying two other training programs, we found Brody's Boot Camp to be by far the most effective and enjoyable! Thank you so much!"
- Tom, Emily & Lizzie Glover, 4/14
"I would highly recommend this class to every dog owner. Gracie and I learned so much, but most importantly, how to understand each other. It was fun, even while frustrating at points. Ann is a great teacher!"
- Kristin Grillone, 2/20
“Ann and the classes are so positive.  The lessons are systematic, purposeful, and fun!  Ann is a real expert who is very clear and direct.  All of the dogs progressed so much!  Highly recommended, and we want to do more classes with Ann.”
- Jack & Deborah Harris, 4/17
“Your ability to see how dog and owner interact is excellent. Appreciate the non-competitive atmosphere and your willingness to help in the future, if needed. This is a great way to teach owners and their dogs that they can be good and safe members of the planet. Thanks also for the handouts - - excellent, permanent reference.”
- Dan & Holly Harrison, 2/18
“Thank you for caring so much about our four-legged family members enough to correct the two-legged ones. Your passion for successful relationships between dogs and their families radiates during our classes and is remembered when class is over. You make us want our dogs to feel success and love.”
- Jen Hayden, 10/17
“Time with your pet, learning along with your pet… this is truly an amazing class. Ann is tough and amazingly effective. This was not only a fun night out with your dog, but an education in training a respect for both of you, making every moment and movement count. At the end of the six week training, Daisy and I not only grew to know each other better, but we formed that bond with each other called unconditional love. I would highly recommend this class!! It’s addicting.”
- Carol Hendrickson, 10/16
“I have used Brody’s Boot Camp for all three of my dogs.  This was the best investment I have ever made.  We have taken both of her class levels and loved them both.  My dogs are better for it, and our relationship together is better also.  I would recommend this class to any dog owner.”
- Tina House, 4/17
“My dog was out of control before this class. Now I have control and my dog he’s a lot easier to handle. I can be in control with this training.”
- Marti Houseknecht, 10/22
“Daisy had no formal training when I rescued her. I was determined to give her/us the best tools available. Brody’s Boot Camp helped strengthen our bond and now we can look forward to spending many happy years together!”
- Christine Jeffries, 12/22
"We truly enjoyed Brody's Boot Camp and feel that we now have what it takes to continue training. Our dog, Boone, was almost two when we began and we weren't sure what to expect. After just one class, we could see how easy it was (is) to train him. It just takes time and patience. We now see a new dog in him every day. Thank you, Ann!"
- Josie Kabat, 4/14
"We adopted a dog that came with “issues” and started biting our young children. Ann came and did a one-on-one session that completely turned things around and then we took her 6-week class. It has made a huge difference in our dog’s behavior and the way the whole family interacts with her. I would highly recommend both the 6-week class and a one-on-one basis for “dogs with issues” or any new members of the family."
- Joell Murney-Karsten & Lacey, 7/15
“We really enjoyed the classes. Not only informative, but fun. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a better bond with their dog.”
- Charlie Kaye, 5/22
“Brody’s Boot Camp is not only for the dogs, but for their humans as well. You have to put in the work and continue to put it in if you want your dog to succeed. Thank you, Ann, for giving me the tools to keep training myself and my dog(s).”
- Melissa Kennedy, 5/22
"What an honor it was to work with you in training our most loved companion, Ukon. The knowledge and understanding you provided us has been so rewarding! It is so difficult to read Ukon and one of the biggest benefits we have gained by working with you has been to understand what dogs need and expect from us, by learning about how they think. Understanding the logic behind actions was such a tremendous skill for us. We cannot thank you enough. Your dedication and compassion towards the work you do does not go unnoticed. Thank you. We look forward to working with you soon."
- Cherie & Mark Klossner, 2/15
“This was a great 6-week training class! I really didn’t know what to expect, but each class offered realistic challenges for me and Barkley. She has become a better listener for sure. Brody’s Boot Camp was exactly what my new pup needed! The classes helped me gain control of my pup and feel confident while doing so. Ann is a great teacher. I look forward to continuing my dog’s education in the next course. Thanks, Ann!”
- Carey LaVoie, 4/19
“Brody’s Boot Camp is an amazing and thorough option for training your dog. Ann is a wealth of knowledge and great with the dogs. She provides excellent feedback and tips for issues at home. It’s obvious that she’s passionate about training and truly wants to see her students and their dogs succeed and goes above and beyond to help. Classes are small, which allows for an abundance of attention and support.”
- Heidi Lyndaker, 2/23
“Brody’s Boot Camp was recommended by our veterinarian and I can’t be more pleased in the results.  Our four year old, rescue dog came with various issues and has truly transformed into a much more workable dog.  He gets so excited when I get his leash out.  He just loves to go for walks and is much more people and other dog friendly.  Looking forward to the next set of classes.”
-  Richard Martin, 7/17
“My puppy, Charlie, and I had a great relationship, but there was a lack of respect and understanding on both of our ends. I needed to be trained more than he did. Over the six weeks, we grew to understand each other just from a head nod and eye contact. I was excited every week before we went to class and during. Ann maintains a fun and respectable work space that is exciting for dogs and their owners. Having a small class also allows each dog and owner to receive individual attention from Ann that we all need. I loved every second and I can’t wait to continue in the advanced class. Thank you so much Ann for everything.”
-  Montana McDonald, 10/16
“Brody’s Boot Camp helped my dog and I grow a stronger connection. My dog now has more freedom and seems overall better trained. I would recommend to anyone!”
- Karli Mele, 4/23
"The transformation from week one to week six is astounding! Ann's knowledge, passion, and dedication made our experience at Brody's Boot Camp so worthwhile and enjoyable. Thank you for everything!"
- Karen Moretti (& Ollie!), 10/14
“I appreciated the small classes and personalized attention. In addition to hard work, Ann interjected fun into each class. The handouts at the end of each class were thoughtful and helpful.
- Nancy Newland, 5/22
“Ann’s classes are very informative and helpful. Ann is very patient and understanding about individual needs. This is my third dog who has attended Brody’s Boot Camp, and I yet again am very pleased!”
- Lori O'Connor, 10/17
“I cannot express enough the high regard I have for Ann and her teaching abilities; not only for the dogs, but their owners as well! Ann’s ability to explain and demonstrate training methods in easy to understand terms is a trait I find many trainers lack. After all, we are all alone at home with our dogs once class has ended! After taking both of my dogs to the basic obedience class, and then both passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen course, I am very pleased with my experience.”
- Jackie O’Neil, 12/17
“AOur pup, Hercules, loved this 6-week course as much as we did! This course provided us with useful tools to help Hercules navigate walks and meet new people. He no longer pulls strongly or barks at every dog, person, or car who passes us. We’re so happy we chose Brody’s Boot Camp!”
- Katie Pellegrino, 10/22
“Ann Marshall was an amazing and caring instructor who showed equal patience with me and my pup. My only regret was not signing up sooner as it greatly improved our dog’s behavior and our bond with our pet.”
- Amy Phillips, 4/22
“We looked forward to coming to Brody’s Boot Camp every week! Not only did our dog, Mesa, learn a lot, but my husband and I learned so much, too. Ann is experienced, talented, and caring, and it was evident every class that she is passionate about what she does. Brody’s Boot Camp taught us how to be confident, firm, and gentle all at the same time, and we have seen an enormous change in Mesa. Thanks to Ann (and furry, co-trainer, Tasha)! If you do your homework with your dog every week, come to class ready to learn and have fun, I promise you will not regret coming to Brody’s Boot Camp!”
- Jenna Ritting, 2/18
“Brody’s Boot Camp is a great way to introduce your dog to basic obedience training. Ann is patient and gives great advice and pointers in how to work with different dog behaviors. Overall, a great experience.”
- Teresa Robinson, 12/18
“Ann and the class are wonderful. My dog and I have learned so much, and our bond has grown.”
- Tabetha Rose, 2/20
"Abby and I really enjoyed Brody’s Boot Camp.  I learned just as much, if not more, than Abby.  Training obedience was taught in a very doable, simplistic way that has been very easy to utilize in real life situations.  Also, it was so fun and rewarding to see my puppy learn so quickly and easily!  Thank you, Ann!"
- Vivian Russell, 6/16
“I have brought all three of my dogs to this class and have gotten great results! It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond with your dog!”
- Paul Sandroni, 5/22
“This doggie/owner training is an excellent first step training on how to handle our puppies.  It is quickly apparent the dog’s desire to learn and please.  Ann does a very nice job of providing tips, techniques, and hands on examples of how to communicate with your fur friend.  The foundation techniques learned can easily be used to continue the home training to further develop your relationship during your puppy’s lifetime.  We have two pups about two weeks apart, and were able to train one (Buck, our Lab) in Ann’s convenient weekly class, while simultaneously duplicating the at-home training and bonding process with our second puppy (Chester, our Golden).  Although the class is intended to train your dog, it is ultimately a training for you as the owner.  Buck and Chester are the proud owners of a human and have enjoyed the learning process!  We look forward to continued achievements and milestones with our puppies.  We recommend this class for every dog owner.  The value will last through a lifetime.”
- Adam Schrader, 6/17
"Roxie and I greatly enjoyed our experience with Ann at Brody’s Boot Camp! She loved learning and playing with her classmates, and we left with a stronger bond. Everyone who knew her before we started classes comments on her calmer demeanor and greater self-control. Thank you, Ann."
- Amy Simolo, 12/15
"I was worried there was no hope for Lucy after attending a class at another place.  Lucy has made a transformation and it’s been wonderful for Lucy and I.  I never thought I would have control over my dog, and with so much one on one support, it’s been great."
- Jill Snyder, 6/16
"We loved Brody’s Boot Camp!  We learned so much and Claire has benefited so much.  We take her places all the time and get compliments about how well she is behaved.  She is a joy to be around and others can enjoy her as well.  Ann is a great, patient teacher with endless knowledge.  The training area is super clean and well organized for training.  The info packets are full of information you can use for training and other things you need for a healthy, happy dog.  The price is very, very reasonable.  I would recommend this class to anybody with a dog!"
- Gabriele Stamp, 6/16
"Ann Marshall, by working with both you and your dog, does a great job teaching you how to properly obedience train your dog for people to enjoy being around. She also provides material to help you care for and understand your dog. Brody's Boot Camp is a great place to train your dog!"
- Ellen Stoewsand, 10/14
“Ann is great with both dogs and people!  She is firm and consistent, and uses humor to make us see what we need to work on.  I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and fun trainer!”
– James, Laura & Mazie Mae Taylor, 4/17
“I would highly recommend Brody’s Boot Camp. Ann is a wonderful trainer. She not only trains the dog, but the handler at the same time watching both dog and handler’s behavior and giving feedback when needed. She thoroughly explains each exercise using her own dog and explains the theory behind it. The class is small, making it feel more one on one. She is open to questions and takes the time to answer each of them. I look forward to the advanced training in the fall. Thank you again, Ann.”
– Jennifer Thorpe, 5/23
“Ann was amazing with our hyperactive pup. Highly recommend the class.”
- Tina Topping, 7/18
"After having gone to several other training classes where the techniques were not working with Chunk, I was happy to find that Ann realizes every dog is unique and was okay with using tools that work for your dog. Chunk is much better behaved and though he still needs work on not jumping and greeting people politely, I am optimistic that we will get there using the tools Ann suggested."
- Lora Tryon, 5/14
“What an amazing experience. I wanted to be the best dog Mom I could be, and this was the place to go. Hands on learning and any corrections I needed so we both could be successful. Thank you so much for your time and dedication. Best investment ever! Thanks again.”
- Stephanie VanNostrand, 7/18
“When it was time for our lab puppy, Augustus, to start puppy/obedience training, we knew it was time to call Ann! Gus is our third dog that we have had the pleasure of bringing to Brody’s Boot Camp. An environment where multiple dogs and owners are learning all at once can be very overstimulating for the owners and the dogs, and that can make training tough! This is NOT the case with Ann’s classes. Ann’s calm, assertive energy maintains a structured class where training is easy and fun! Ann wants your dog to succeed just as much as you do! Augustus and I will miss our obedience class nights and all of our Brody’s Boot Camp friends!”
- Erika VanSavage, 4/23
“Brody’s Boot Camp was much more than I had expected. I went into the class with the hope of learning training techniques to help teach my son’s dog, Oakley, some social skills. I came away learning so much more!! It was a great experience! Ann gave me the tools, confidence, and support that I needed to work with Oakley. Ann has an amazing way with both dogs and people. Both Oakley and I had a wonderful time. We learned so much and we both made wonderful friends! Can’t wait to take another session! Thank you!!!.”
- Patty Ward, 7/12
"Ann is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience and a big love for dogs.  We learned so much, and River is a different dog than he was six weeks ago!  Whether or not you find success at Brody's Boot Camp, you will leave with the knowledge and skills necessary to create an obedient and lovable companion."
- Joanna & Chris Warrick, 12/13
"Class was serious, but fun. Ann gave lots of individual attention to help each one of us owners figure out how to make things work. She never lost her confidence or sense of humor. And, Lucy agrees!"
- Rachel Weil, 3/09
"My dog and I had a great time at Brody’s Boot Camp. Ann is a fantastic instructor/trainer who clearly enjoys helping others learn how to work with their “fur babies”. Highly recommend her program."
- Carolee White, 2/20
"Ann is very knowledgeable about dogs and training. Her training style is very clear and easy to follow. She also provides instructions to bring home in case you forgot, as well as other information about how to care for your dog and being a responsible dog owner. I highly recommend Ann and Brody’s Boot Camp!"
- Jennifer Wick, 7/21
"I’ve been so pleased with the experience I’ve had with Brody’s Boot Camp. My relationship with my dog has greatly improved and our bond is much stronger. I was so impressed with Ann’s abilities and her commitment to learning about each dog and figuring out tools and techniques to bring out the best in each of them."
- Daniele Wirth, 10/18
"My shy pet has improved his nervous disposition after his first session of classes. A pet that I didn’t think could learn anything has better behavior and the whole experience was enjoyable."
- Nancy Wood, 7/21
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